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「Cheap | Reusable | Environmentally」
Cheap and reusable housing? How much does it cost to build a new house? Data from HomeAdvisor shows that the average cost of building a new house in the United States is as high as $309,719.
However, the cost of building a new house varies from person to person. One problem that is easy to arise is that when building a house, we hope it will become more beautiful, just add things a little bit, which often far exceeds the initial budget.
Do you want more cost-effective, cheaper and more freely designed houses?
Prefab houses (Modular houses) are the best choice.
Advantages of prefab houses
1. Conducive to improving construction quality;
The components of the prefabricated house are made in advance in the factory, which can minimize the common quality problems such as wall cracking and leakage, and improve the overall safety level, fire resistance and durability of the house.
2. Conducive to speeding up the progress of the project;
Efficiency is the return. The construction of prefabricated houses is about 70% faster than the traditional way.
3. Conducive to improving the quality of construction;
The indoor finishing factory is equipped with a one-stop shop, which can realize “collecting express at home”, that is, disassembly and assembly, fast and good.
4. Conducive to reducing input costs;
Can reduce construction costs, cost-effective and more discretionary.
5. Conducive to construction safety management;
There are a large number of workers on the traditional construction site, and now a large amount of work is transferred to the factory. Only a small number of workers or even one person on the site can perform installation according to installation instructions and videos, thereby greatly reducing the occurrence of safety accidents.
6. Conducive to environmental protection and resource conservation;
There are very few on-site operations and no construction waste will be generated. In addition, steel formwork can be reused, and waste, waste, and energy can be reduced by 90%.
Next, I will bring you more than a dozen prefabricated houses, all of which are directly exported by the factory, with low prices, good quality and good after-sales service.

Living house

1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, multi-bedroom design, completely independent choice of decoration materials, we have hundreds of decoration styles for you to choose, practical and popular at the same time.

prefab houses for living or dorms
prefab k hosue
easy to be built prefab housing
2 floor house

Temporary housing

The installation process is simple and the construction period is short. Two workers can install an average of 200 square meters per day. The house is 90% completed before leaving the factory, and only needs to be installed in accordance with the Installation guide or video instructions.

Residential series

The light steel building is an environmentally friendly building with a strong sense of design. Especially suitable for building villas, we have a design with a balcony, a design with a garage, a spacious and bright activity room, to provide you with a unique house worthy of your status, showing your personal charm.

2 floor light steel villas plan
light steel houses pre villa
the village community project construction
prefab house
1 bed homes modern design

Small residence

Prefabricated small houses tiny houses design, village community project construction… The three houses on the left have undergone neat and complete planning and are particularly suitable for production as a group of buildings.

purchase prefab camp from China
flat pack container factory direct supply
building a house in 2 minutes
folding container


Our container camp project in Germany, the Dormutory module, Office module, Canteen module, Storage Module, Gym module, Kitchen module, Laundry Module, Medical Module, Reception module, Restroom Module, Shower Module… And we also Improve the process and build a house in 2 minutes.

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