3D Steel Villa Model Display

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Prefab Villa Completed

This is a garden villa design, which has been fully constructed and took only 2 weeks by China steel homes suppliers.The light steel villa has a double-layer structure, and there are stairs inside and outside to reach the second floor, which is convenient while ensuring its privacy. The decoration of the whole house is made of wood-like materials, which is designful (Hundreds of decoration styles). Constructed by China steel house maker.

Prefab Home' Side Display

The prefab home construction is designed with large windows, with plenty of light and good lighting. There is an independent balcony and lounge on the second floor, which are soundproof and anti-noise, warm in winter and cool in summer, anti-hurricane and anti-earthquake.

Steel Villa construction Detial

China steel house factory supplys the factory direct house, with low cost and high quality. The engineer guides the installation free of charge, eliminating worries. At the same time, we will provide detailed installation drawings and video installation tutorials, which are simple and fast. The 200-square-meter villa can be completed in two weeks, the construction is fast, and 90% of the craft has been completed in the factory.

Garden Villa Panorama


LGS Structure
1 steel structure   243
2 fittings   set 243
Wall System
1 External wall OSB board 1220*2440*9mm 252.1
2 External wall unidirectional breath paper   308.7
3 External wall wooden support 30*40*3000mm m 756.3
4 External wall metal carved board 381*3800*16mm +381*4500*16mm 252.1
5 Internal wall OSB board 1220*2440*9mm 402.6
6 Internal wall gypsum board 1200*2400*9mm 402.6
7 Wet district fiber cement board 1220*2440*10mm 116.85
Insulation System
1 Glasswool Insulation T75mm12/roll    16Kg/m3 385.775
2 Glasswool insulation(under roof) T75mm12/roll    16Kg/m3 165
3 External wall XPS board 1200*600*40mm 252.1
Floor System
1 Floor surface OSB 1220*2440*18mm 110
2 Floor self-paste waterproof coil T1.5mm-15℃20/roll 110
3 Floor concrete cushion C25 concrete 110
Roof System
1 Roof OSB board 1220*2440*12mm 165
2 self-paste waterproof coil T1.5mm-15℃20/roll 165
3 Roof tile asphalt tile 165
4 Roof ridge tile asphalt tile m 27.9
5 Roof eaves pvc molding 6m/pc m 63.5
6 PVC closing strip 4m/pc m 63.5
7 Metal carved board under roof eaves 381*3800*16mm 38.1
Door & Window
1 Alumunium window   56.6
2 Interior door   9.6
3 Accessories for door sill/windowsill 1220*2440*10mm m 172
Water&Electric System
1 Water Pipes   243
2 Electric system Include weak current,exclude socket/switch/light,etc 243
Decoration Accessories System 243
Hardware Accessories System 243